I am in love. I knew I would be. I waited patiently for over a year, spending money on the responsible things like bills, work clothes, and tires for Smurfette. And then I was tired of waiting. I needed to treat myself, just like Donna and Tom on Parks and Rec

So I did it. I finally bought myself an iPad! I don’t consider myself to be materialistic. This is the most excited I have been about buying something in a long time. Concert tickets are probably the next closest thing I have been excited about throwing cash at.

I was practical with my timing, as Target was running a fabulous sale when I purchased. Since I purchased my new toy only four days before Election Day and had lots of tasks on my list that didn’t include the iPad, it has taken me a little bit of time to fully come to realize how much I use this thing.

There’s something about not having to open a contraption or wait for the laptop to turn on that makes this machine so much more approachable. I used to come home at night and justify not doing work because I didn’t want to fire up the HP Mini. We are probably talking about a whole three minutes, yet that is a three minute window when I can lose my ambition.

I knew I would love the iPad. During the past year, I listened and watched while iPad users made the case for it. So many people who know me said I would love it.

Today I discovered Evernote. Wow. My quest to go paperless is easier than I ever thought it would be! To me, less clutter is less distraction. I am always busy with one project or another, and Evernote makes me feel like I really can do it all seamlessly.

Each day I gradually transition from my old way of completing tasks and storing information with the netbook, flash drives, battered up folders, and scraps of paper into a new world of cool apps and the cloud. This is a major technological step, my generation’s telephone.

The organizing fool in me loves it!



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