Bookworm = Me

I finally finished “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson!  It took me nearly eight months to finish it.  I read a few other books during that eight months.  I treated the Jobs book like a text book, completely immersing myself in every detail as I read.  So I would pick it up for a while, and then put it down for a longer while.  A part of me didn’t want Steve to die.  A part of me wasn’t reading as much as I used to.  My new job, political involvement, and everything else used my brain power.  And then I was vegging out in front of the TV instead of reading.

Finishing the 570 page book was exhilarating.  Now I want to read constantly.  The bookworm is back. I nearly removed “bookworm” from my headline a month or so ago.  “Am I really still a bookworm?” I asked myself.  Yes, I was and still am.  I was simply not being who I am.  I let other things consume me more than books.

And you know what made me realize I need to let my inner voice – that one saying “Read more! You love to read!” – be my outer self?  The book about Jobs did that.  He let his passion fuel his work.  Reading is not creating the next technological advancement, but it is doing what I enjoy.


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