Life Begins!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  – Neal Donald Walsch

My life is definitely beginning yet again!  I seem to thrive on this quote.  One week ago, I left a great job at Target to pursue my dream of being my own boss and doing work that helps others.  I am excited, rejuvenated, and scared – all at the same time.

I am beginning this blog to initiate various conversations – whether the topic is daring to pursue a dream, singleton observations, wine recommendations, plugging a good cause, or something in between.

And yes, I love to write and share my thoughts with the world.  While the topics will vary, I will always speak with an honest, genuine, and respectful voice.

Let us begin!  What have you done lately to push yourself outside of your comfort zones?  Or, better yet, what do you need to add to your to do list today to make your life begin again?


2 thoughts on “Life Begins!

  1. Melis –
    I am SO PROUD of you and of course incredibly jealous that you took this big leap. You’re smart, sophisticated, and have a fantastic ability to excel at everything that you do. I am so excited to watch/participate in your future adventures. I know they will be interesting and prosperous!


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