One Year Already

I began this Mel’s Musings blog one year ago today.  Wow.  Where does the time go?  As I look back to my first blog post, I remember how open and vulnerable I felt as I typed out those first words for everyone to read.

Ninety-five blog posts later, I still feel a little vulnerable and hesitant at times when I write.  I keep moving forward and filling the pages though.  I made a promise to be real, so I try to filter very little.

My personal goals have not changed during the past year.  I thought I would be closer to reaching them, but yet I am still on the right path.  It just takes longer than I think it should.  I have come across several opportunities to slip back in to the comfortable realm of one professional job that overtakes every aspect of my life.  I have resisted.  And my income has stayed stagnant because of it.

The lack of income has made me better.  I no longer buy lots of stupid stuff I don’t really need, or even want for that matter.  I actually wear my clothing until it falls apart and take it to my sister to mend (because I don’t sew!) when something tears but is otherwise still in good condition to wear.

I anticipated a lot more free time, but I have managed to fill up my time with new things.  I have two part time jobs plus my SendOutCards venture.  And I volunteer with the local political organizations and the Red Cross.

I also babysit my niece and nephew every Friday, which has produced a weekly “Fridays with G and L” blog entry.

Life is good, but I am constantly reassessing, especially when landmark dates such as these arise.  Am I doing what I need to do today to get me to where I want to be tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year?  And most importantly, am I enjoying the journey during the meantime?


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