Seester Sunday Returns

Welcome back to Seester Sunday! These are our recaps from Sunday, October 25, 2020.


This morning began with prying myself out of my warm bed with my two personal space heaters:

I attended 10:30 a.m. mass at the Basilica of St. John and the monthly parish council meeting afterward. This was a bittersweet Sunday as I took in all of my surroundings, because it was my last Sunday as a parishioner there before I move to Davenport next week. I will deeply miss the basilica parish family.

After mass, I made my weekly grocery run. Trader Joe’s is my favorite grocery store, but I did not feel like driving out to West Des Moines, so I went to Hy-Vee on Fleur Drive instead. It was busier than a usual Sunday, and I realized while overhearing conversations at the check out that several people were stocking up for the pending snow storm. However, according to the forecast I saw, we are predicted to get only two inches of snow. Better safe than sorry, I guess!

Since I will be moving in ten days, I have lots of random stuff to do. Today I painted two pieces of office furniture – something I have been putting off for nearly a year! I guess it takes a move to get random things done. 🤷‍♀️

Aside from all of that, I spent a good chunk of time on my couch, snuggling with the pups. We are trying to soak in the final few days in our apartment before moving day, as we will be in Eastern Iowa for a few days later this week and early next week.

Chilly days equal snuggly pups.

Hope you all have a wonderful week! 



My Sunday was similar to Mel’s, but add in getting puked on by the baby and forgetting to take any pictures!

We got up and were out the door, driving by 8:05am with extreme difficulty, mind you, and with 7 kids. I stayed up way too late the night before and Mary was up at 6…so I was tired to say the least. We attended Mass and Kateri threw a huge fit when we were in the front of the Communion line, so that was fun and I got to take her out of church after that. After Mass we ordered and picked up a breakfast pizza and went home to eat it, which didn’t take long with 6 kids eating!

I did some house chores and the kids were all just so crazy. What is it lately?! Is it just me?! I don’t know but my kids have been nuts. SO, we decided to mandate a 1 hour quiet time for everyone, not just the nappers. And can I say…..It. Was. Glorious. I read out of 2 separate books and cuddled Mary for a solid 1.5 hours. After that it was time to make dinner and do that whole routine. We ended the evening with watching part of a Lego documentary on Prime that was really good! Lego has an awesome story!!!! Now I’m about comatose and thinking about ice cream….we shall see. 

Have a great week!


Ultimate Bridesmaid 48 Day Workout Program

On Sunday, May 20, 2012, I declared the following day to be the beginning of my self titled “Ultimate Bridesmaid 48 Day Workout Program.”  Actually that would be the following Monday.  Seems I miscounted and shaved off a week from bestie Jen’s wedding date.  Good thing, because I didn’t start on May 21 anyway.

Jen’s Wedding Day:  Sunday, July 15, 2012

Today’s Date:  Friday, May 25, 2012

Days To Go:  51

I don’t consider myself to be obese or even fat.  And my bridesmaid dress measurements were taken in early February – in the middle of winter when I had not been exercising at all.  However, my pants have been feeling a little snug lately.  And the photos taken on July 15 will be around for FOR-EH-VER.  And I want to make my bestie proud.  I want to look my best for her wedding.  No, I’m not worried about showing up the bride.  She is going to be the most stunning lady, even if I’m at my hottest.

The last time I was a bridesmaid was on July 22, 2006, at my sister’s wedding.  I lived in Houston then, worked out a lot, and had a nice light tan.  I was also six years younger.  Something about the thirties just makes pudge stick to the belly.

My last bridesmaid appearance (I’m on the far right): July 22, 2006. Oh, to be 27 again! 🙂

After going down to Creston for Jen’s bridal shower and festivities last weekend, I decided I need to get on the ball.  It’s crunch time.  The wedding is less than two months away.  And then panic set it.  THE WEDDING IS LESS THAN TWO MONTHS AWAY!

Yet, I didn’t jump on the running trail as soon as I got back to Davenport.  I looked at my to do lists each day during the five days since I came home from Creston and decided social butterfly activities and volunteer projects should fill my evenings.  I skipped a few lattes this week in favor of plain black coffee, but that was about all I did to forge ahead with my plan.

Today: Adding “work out” to my planner so I have no excuses. Also munching on animal crackers while drinking my black coffee. It’s all about baby steps. 🙂

Step 1:  Add “work out” to my planner to do list.  Must treat this as a real task.

Step 2:  Give kudos to myself for drinking more black coffee.  I like black coffee, just takes a larger amount to get me going in the morning since it’s not laden with espresso shots.  Small steps make a difference.

Step 3:  Be ready to literally hit the ground running on Monday, maybe before.

Step 4:  If I hit said ground running prior to Monday, realize this does not give me a break on Monday.

Step 5:  Enjoy my weekend without going too crazy on the calories.

Ultimate Bridesmaid 48 Day Workout Program preparations are complete!  Ready to officially commence in three days!

Just Be

I nearly always have to do list items running through my head.  True, I am a busy person.  Lots of people are busy.  And I am pretty sure a lot of those busy people have a switch to turn off the to do list once in a while.  I struggle with finding the switch and then leaving it off.

During our Scott County Republicans Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament on Saturday night, I worked on data entry.  I was not playing cards, but yet I could have put the netbook and phone away to instead enjoy the company of those around me.  I participated in conversation here and there and did eventually shut down the netbook.  But that was at least an hour or so into the event.

Then on Sunday night, I was at it again.  I used the birthday get-together at my mom and stepdad’s house as an opportunity to upload some You Tube videos.  True, I just checked on the computer a handful of times.  But I was still thinking about checking the uploads while I was hanging out with the fam.

It seems that I am always thinking about items to do.

I suppose it is a good thing that I have a tough time just watching TV without doing something else.  And my to dos keep me organized.

But I don’t want to miss out on the really good moments because I am too distracted to enjoy the current moment with 100% of my being.  While my lists of to dos are part of me, I need to just be sometimes.  Just be what?  Just be still.  Just be relaxed.  Just be happy.  Just be excited when the Donald fires the right person.  Or simply just be.

When It Rains, It Pours

Deep breaths, Melissa.  This has been my mantra for the past week.  Everything is due at once.  I love all of my jobs and business ventures, as well as my volunteer activities.  I can usually juggle it all seamlessly…..until it pours.

A lot of my stress is self imposed.  I strive for a level of perfection that is often not realistic.  But I don’t do anything less than 100%.  If that means I get a few hours less sleep, so be it.  I can sleep when I am dead, right?

And then when I talked to my friend Jen on the phone this morning, I realized I have it a lot more together than I think.  It will all be OK.  Just a few more days, and these big projects will be completed.  My progress is steady and deadlines will be met.

I must squeeze in five minutes to purchase a bottle of wine – to be opened when all of these items are checked off the to do list.

Standing Still

On the evening my niece Lucy was born, I stood still. Yes, I was typing away on my netbook here and there, but I was very limited with what I could do. How can you focus on anything when a baby is under an oxygen hood and her parents are sitting by her side, aching to hold her?

While this was heartbreaking, it was also a good thing. The silver lining is that it was important enough to make a few of us stand still.

And how often do any of us stand still, truly stand still? I don’t even sit still while I am watching TV. Sometimes I stay still while reading a good book, but then I eventually fall asleep.

But that night with Lucy, I had to be still and wait. I watched the clock, counting down to the anticipated time of 9:00 p.m. when they hoped to have her weaned off the oxygen. I thought about the day Gabriel was born nearly two years prior, and how the waiting was tough then.

Now I think back to hospital visits to see grandparents, election nights, and waiting for electricity to come back on during a storm. Much different levels of importance, but they all made me stand still.

Even in church, I find my mind wandering.

I want to stand still more often. And I don’t want to only stand still in moments of crisis or anticipation.

On Saturday night, I stood still along the Mississippi.

Davenport Iowa Mississippi River

I noticed storm clouds on Sunday night, but I was multi-tasking with watching The Apprentice.

storm clouds over Davenport Iowa

And then Wednesday was my day off from optical. I’d usually attack my volunteer to do list, my home to do list, or my side businesses to do lists. But I was tired and decided to stand still that morning, dozing and watching Hoda and Kathie Lee.

By the time afternoon rolled around, I had to join the adult world. I attended a special Scott County Republicans meeting and swung by The Grape Life to pick up a bottle of wine on the way home. I was contemplating my selection when I decided to stay for a bit a have a Wine Flight (three small glasses of wine). I had not brought my iPhone in with me, so I enjoyed an hour and a half sans distracting devices. I chatted with a native Quad Citian who was back in town from his home in Napa. I stayed for the free 10 minute chair massage. I suppose I was standing still.

When I arrived home, I was once again back in my default get it done mode. Something always needs to be done. All the more reason to make the time to stand still once in a while.