Downtown Davenport Adventures: One Year

One year ago today, I moved into my apartment in Downtown Davenport.  The saying is very cliche but true: “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

While I have some Downtown Davenport Adventures yet to post from this past year (my blog has suffered as my life has become increasingly busier), I have quite a few posts that explore the range of experiences that come with living downtown in a small city.

I’ve endured an early morning fire alarm as well as a semi-disastrous impromptu walk along the river.  I’ve enjoyed River Roots Live and BixBrai 2011.  I’ve made comparisons between this home and my last home.

Aside from the collection of narratives, the thing that strikes me the most about living downtown is something that strikes me with all good changes I have made in my life thus far.  I feel as though I have been here for much longer than one year.  After the initial adrenaline rush, it feels comfortable.

I thrive on change, and every change is a little bit different, except for those really positive changes I make.  Moving to Downtown Davenport was one of those positive changes.  Others that rank right up there are choosing Simpson College, diving into my first paid political job, moving across the country and then back again, and giving a boy or two the boot when it was time to cut my losses.

Will I live in Downtown Davenport forever?  I am 90% sure I will not.  That’s the fun part of life: being open to change.  After all, change led me here.  I may be here another year or another ten years.  Regardless, I will have a lot more adventures to share.