Seester Sunday: Happy New Year!

I am continuing to catch up with posting our Seester Sunday updates. This post should finally bring us up to date. 😉


After a bit of an absence with Seester Sunday, we’ve decided to (try) to get back into the habit. This week followed a snowy Saturday that left us cooped up in the house most of the day. The kids were a bit antsy and honestly we didn’t do much. I spent a good majority of the day on the couch and J even cooked dinner (spaghetti-his trademark 😉  ).

All that to say we were slow getting up and about on Sunday morning and were LATE to church after de-icing the van and driving on slick roads. Kateri was the only one who got her hair fixed and Ruth wore her snow boots. We were even short one kid as Lucy was at a sleepover. We walked in and Ruth took off in Ruth-fashion running up the center aisle to where we usually sit…..except we weren’t sitting there because, as I mentioned, we were LATE and had to sit elsewhere. Ahem. Anyways, here’s what I wore:

 Who’s that handsome teenager standing next to me? Oh, that’s only my man-child, Gabriel. I somehow convinced him to get in a pic with me. In case you’re interested, he now can wear man-sized jeans, I buy his shoes from the men’s section and he no longer needs a booster in the car. {tears**}

My dress/tunic/long shirt thing is thrifted and old and some brand I’ve never heard of. I love it. It’s comfy and forgiving. It’s short enough that I don’t wear it in the summer but feel comfortable putting it with leggings. I can bend over and wrangle Ruth kids without my hiney showing. My leggings are run-of-the-mill from Old Navy and are much warmer than they look! Boots are my favorite grey ones from Famous Footwear that I’ve had for 2 years.   And that’s that!



So, the reason this Seester Sunday post is a day late is because yours truly did not get her act together in time for a Sunday post. While I do not ANY human children, nor do I have a husband, my life seems to keep me busy with other things.

I spent my snowy Saturday working at Barnes and Noble. What began as a part time seasonal job has become a permanent part time job that I absolutely LOVE. Hopefully I can continue to balance my bookselling job with everything else going on in my increasingly crazy life!

On Saturday night, I had an amazing first date at Centro, my favorite restaurant in downtown Des Moines. Then, I was invited to join this great guy for a second breakfast date on Sunday morning before mass. While I was home by 11:00 p.m. on Saturday night, I barely slept! Glad I still woke up early on Sunday though, because breakfast was awesome.

After breakfast on Sunday, I attended 10:30 a.m. mass at the Basilica of St. John. Then I came home for some office time. My client 50-50 in 2020, whom I currently serve as Executive Director for, has A LOT going on during these next two weeks! By mid-afternoon, I was off to Barnes and Noble for the rest of the day and evening.

I also wore a thrift store gem during this past Sunday. I found this dress at Phase 2 Consignments in Grinnell, just over a year ago. This photo is not from Sunday, because, as we have established previously, I did not have my act together this week:

This photo is from the Women Lead Change Dubuque Conference in November 2019, where I exhibited on behalf of 50-50 in 2020. Paired with my dress then and this Sunday were Silpada earrings, and brown tights and boots from Target. I do not wear a lot of jewelry, and earrings are my go-to accessory – in addition to my glasses!

Another note on my dress: I love cowl necks and things that flow openly. Nothing is worse than a form-fitting dress when you are having a day when you feel bloated or fat. Yes, we must be self confident, but we all have those days because we are human.

We look forward to posting together again next week!


This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day

I am pretty accustomed to being single on Valentine’s Day. Most years I don’t really think much about being single. And then during other Valentine’s Days past I had:

A few years when I was casually seeing someone, found myself to be “miraculously” on my own when Valentine’s Day rolled around, and then became a hot item again a few days later. Remember that book “He’s Just Not That Into You”? Yep. Here’s your sign.

A few bitter years.

A few lonely years.

A few years where I was the “coupled up” girl and received flowers from great guys.

Valentine’s Day 2019 comes after a personally brutal January 2019. It’s been tough to process, let alone put into words.

My brutal month involved removing a few toxic people from my life whom I still love but had to separate myself from for my own mental health and self respect.

Simply reaching these decisions was messy, as I had to come to these conclusions on my own. And I am the person who often has to push the envelope one more time, test my boundaries one more time, to get to that point of saying, “enough.” This naturally had a ripple effect on others outside of the situations.

Thankfully my friends and family who know me best and love me unconditionally were able to give me enough rope, stand just within reach, and trust that I would find my internal strength to do what needed to be done. For that I am eternally grateful.

We often think of Valentine’s Day and love in romantic terms, but I challenge all of us to think of it a little differently. We should also see it in terms of all of those who mean the most to us and stand beside us during thick and thin.

My best friends are my valentines.

My mom and stepdad are my valentines.

My siblings are my valentines.

And my nephew and nieces are most certainly my valentines.

Today my dogs are also my valentines.

This Valentine’s Day, I raise a glass to everyone in love, recovering from heartbreak, navigating through some tough stuff, finding peace in solitude, or anything in between.

You are loved. Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Dream Guy

My dream guy:

a) is a barista.

b) owns a vineyard (not Ben).

c) finds my OCD tendencies to be endearing.

d) can and will yell back at me when I am simply being ridiculous.

e) has fire in his belly.

If you guessed all of the above, you are correct.  I would perhaps settle for three out of the five.

On this Valentine’s Day, I am not hitched, pining for someone, or bitter.  I am simply OK.  Of course I would like to find my needle in a haystack, my dream guy.  But patience is a virtue.  And I am willing to wait for the right guy.  Chances are I have met him and just don’t know it (or stubbornly refuse to see it) yet.

In the meantime, I’ll cherish my non-romantic loved ones and enjoy my very own bottle of red wine.  Cheers and Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!

August Recap

Happy Final Day of August 2011!

Time really does fly by faster with every passing year, and I want to pause and remember what has happened during the past month.  We often do this at work with monthly reports (and on campaigns with daily/weekly reports), so why don’t we do it for ourselves?

My August Highlights:

1. Met two more presidential candidates: Rick Santorum and Ron Paul

2. Attended my third Iowa Straw Poll

3. Made the evening news on two local TV stations

4. Babysat G and L four Fridays

5. Saw the Gin Blossoms and Blues Traveler for free in Davenport

6. Set up my Red Goose Solutions Facebook page

7. Discovered Starbucks Kenya coffee beans – yum!

8. Went on non-disastrous first and second dates

9. Celebrated friend Beth’s birthday (and my 1/2 birthday)

10. Named Social Media Director for the Scott County Republicans

11. Finally read the final Harry Potter book

12. Celebrated Grandma Schulz’s 80th birthday

Bring on September!

The Serial Dater

“So, are you a serial dater?”  – Guy whom I dated on and off for a couple of months

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, a little on the hot side and I was definitely sweating, but great.  The sun was shining, I was at one with nature in a kayak on the Mississippi River, and I had a nice boy in the kayak with me.

I knew we’d probably talk about lots of random stuff during the two hour trip downstream, but nonetheless, this caught me off guard.  And that is rare.  You see, I have dated quite a few guys, and thus had been asked just about every question in the book.  Except for the serial dater question.

It felt more like an accusation than a question.  Immediately I related it to serial killer.  And that has a bad connotation.  Even if you separate it from the serial killer thing, it’s still a bit negative.  Serial to me means repeating over and over out of habit, with no real purpose.

While I have dated quite a few guys, it’s not out of habit.  I have gone a considerable amount of time in between dating guys because I found no one worth dating.  And there are times when one door opens just as another is closing.  I don’t have a huge purpose for dating, other than to have fun with someone who hopefully adds something positive to each day.

At the ripe age of 31, having been on the dating scene for roughly 13 years (I did not date in high school, which could be a topic on its own!), the odds are a single gal like me has probably dated a few guys.  And I am fine with that.  I would not change my life for anything.  Everything happens for a reason.

Sure, I’d like to meet the man of my dreams tomorrow.  Who wouldn’t?  But I’m not going to avoid dating completely for fear of getting my heart broken.  And I am not going to continue to date someone past the point when I realize we do not click.  If that makes me a serial dater, then so be it.  🙂