Percy the Puggle

Six months ago today, my life was forever changed. This single gal adopted a dog.
I realized I really was ready for a dog in my life when my heart ached because my brother Mitch found a home (not mine) for his little daschund Toby the Tank. I had been his back up plan, and I had no idea how excited the idea of being a dog mama made me until my first potential pup went to another *great* home.
Getting a dog is a huge step for someone like me. While I have been Jagger Q’s mama for twelve years, Jag the cat is very self sufficient. This was a huge step.
I started searching various shelters online when I began to get the feeling that I would not become Toby’s mom. I had fallen in love with pugs a while back and thought a black pug named Ozzy would go well with my rock star cat Jagger. As I perused the websites, I really tried to keep an open mind. I knew that if I kept an open heart, the right dog and I would find each other.
And then, there he was: a puggle by the name of Percy at the Muscatine Humane Society.

While cute, this little one did not look too happy in his mug shot. On May 17, 2014, my mom and I went to meet Percy. He trotted out of the back room and was pulling me to the front door as soon as I had a hold of his leash. We went out to the fenced in yard and played for a bit. Percy let me play with him for a little bit and had a sweet disposition. Yet he also frolicked on his own, telling me, “It’s all good. You are awesome and I am not going to push you into this. I am a cool pup and can go with the flow.”
I was immediately in love and decided to take him home the next day. This way I could make a PetSmart run, sleep on it, and see how cool he could be two days in a row.
I officially adopted Percy on Sunday afternoon, May 18, 2014. As we rode to my sister’s house, I nearly started crying out of pure joy and love for this little guy.




Percy immediately won over my family and behaved so well. We stayed overnight in Durant and then went to our home in West Des Moines the next day. He and Jag were unsure of one another, which I totally expected after seeking out lots of advice about integrating a dog and a cat.
I was a nervous and tired wreck during my first few weeks of being a new dog mom. I wondered if Percy and Jag would ever tolerate one another as I partitioned off my apartment and had to plan movements from one section of my place to another. This way-out-of-shape chick had sore, blistered feet after walking the puggle a few times. I stuck with the twice daily long walks though, and now they are no big deal. In fact, I love our walks.
Percy was my new travel companion and was the perfect passenger during a road trip to Northeast Iowa just a week after I adopted him. He still loves car rides and snores in my lap once we hit the interstate. I love treating Percy to drive through goodies: puppy lattes at Starbucks, frozen custard at Culver’s, and apple slices at McDonalds. Percy’s other favorite foods include carrots, peanut butter, red peppers, and cheese, amongst various dog treats.
Percy is great around kids, and he is distrustful of many adult men, especially if they are taller and/or have facial hair. This makes me wonder what happened to this sweet puggle prior to the Muscatine Humane Society finding him trotting down the road in December 2013. The vet located a hole on his floppy ear and explained that someone had pierced his ear at some point. It is probably best that I do not know about Percy’s past life. This way we can simply have fun and be thankful that we found one another.
I was unsure about Percy’s name for a few brief moments, when I thought about other possibilities. The shelter ladies named him so well though. Percy just seems to fit him, and he responds well to it. And….hearing Lucy and Gabriel say his name is the cutest thing ever.
That leads me to just how awesome my dog is. Percy is so good with Gabriel, Lucy, and Amelia. I tell them that Percy is their dog too, as they do not have a dog and they just adore one another.



Meanwhile, Percy and Jag have a love/hate relationship. Here is the recently discovered loving side:

Note: This is still the exception. It’s amazing to hear a cat growl. Only one plant tipped over and one set of blinds ruined thus far…..
Jag, Percy, and I recently moved to Brooklyn. We are adjusting well so far. I have learned that Percy is a great mouse catcher and while he made a great city dog, he is an even better small town dog. Percy loves to go into the office with me, especially when he gets to play with his girlfriend Waffles.


Most recently, Percy dressed up as Batman for Halloween. He was such a good sport, and now this puggle mama is tempted to buy some sweaters for this cold winter weather.

I could go on and on about Percy Power Gesing, and I guess I will just have to post some more puggle stories. Yes, I am using my puggle as an excuse for not blogging for so long. Six months in, and this rescue mama is finally getting back into her “me time” routine.

Six months ago I had no idea how much this little 15 pound package of floppy ears, a curly tail, and lots of puggle snores could steal my heart.



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