No TV-DVDs-Netflix Conclusion

I made it until May 16, 2014 with no TV. I had an appointment at Bob Brown Chevrolet on Friday, May 16th and the TV was on in the waiting room. I decided to watch it.

Then I visited my family in Durant that weekend. I could have resisted the TV, but I instead decided, “When in Rome, do as the Romans.” My family does not watch much TV at all, but it still counts.

I arrived home that following Monday with a puggle in tow. Introducing a dog and a cat require great patience, along with the help of some wine and TV.

Sure, I could have been stronger. I will likely try this social experiment again when I do not decide to bring home a new dog to my eleven year old cat who has always been an only child. (Stay tuned for more insights on dogs and cats living together in a future post.)

I went without Netflix until May 24th and pretty much made it the entire month with no DVDs. My DVD exception was putting in “Monsters, Inc.” for my friend’s daughter to watch when they visited me on May 28th.

I briefly dreaded having to post this conclusion, and then I remembered that I did this for myself and no one else. I went 15 days without TV, 23 days without Netflix, and 27 days without DVDs. Not too shabby. I had nothing to prove, and I will always be a work in progress. My sister and brother-in-law asked why I had not posted in a while, and the delay had nothing to do with shame. I have been busy parenting Jag and Percy through this crazy adjustment period. And I may have been procrastinating while watching TV. 😉


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