No TV Day 3: Too Busy to Care

I am posting my Day 3 recap on Day 4 with no TV because I had a whirlwind of a day yesterday. The only moments when I thought about TV were while I was getting ready for work in the morning, and then when I arrived home after midnight and only would have stayed awake for about 10 minutes of whatever random thing I turned on anyway.

I had a full work day at Target Optical followed by a quick wardrobe change and a bachelor party out on the east side of Des Moines. Days like yesterday are often the norm for me, as I tend to pack my calendar with stuff to do. I like to be out spreading my social butterfly wings, and I thought about that when I decided to go TV free for a full month.

My challenge will be those days when I have that rare down time and want to waste it by zoning out in front of a good show or movie. Finding new ways to relax is the challenge. Stay tuned for today’s recap a bit later…….


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