No TV Day 4: No Cheesy Ads (Almost)

I woke up this morning thinking about my Sunday morning political shows and briefly thought about turning the TV on for just one hour. And then will power prevailed! Instead I washed dishes, read a book, and nursed my wine headache with a pot of coffee.

Instead of thinking about the good things about TV, I switched gears and thought about the things I absolutely do not miss with no TV in my life. And while I like the Sunday morning political hack shows, it occurred to me that I am abstaining from TV during the height of Iowa primary season.

One thing I absolutely do not miss with no TV in my life: cheesy political ads! With multiple candidates running for both U.S. House and U.S. Senate, we have plenty of ads going in the Des Moines market.

Yes, I spent nearly a decade of my life immersed in politics. And now I dabble in politics within the volunteer realm. I can still call a cheesy campaign ad when I see it. And I take those bad ads personally. Come on consultants, give me more than that!

The thing is, I should have included You Tube in my no-fly list for this month. I see a new ad pop up online, and boom, I am watching/critiquing it. Oh well. Watching it once (or twice) is way better than seeing it multiple times during the news or prime time. Yet, I cannot help but to ponder those bad ads and re-write the script/setting/everything in my head. And then, just to prove my point, I have to show the bad ads to non-political-hack friends or family to get their opinions. Turns out I know the electorate. They hate cheesy ads too.

Score one for no TV!


One thought on “No TV Day 4: No Cheesy Ads (Almost)

  1. For the record, I (along with my panel of friends/family) like the Joni Ernst ads so far. A few of the other U.S. House/Senate candidates’ ads are way too cheesy.

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