Day 2 with No TV-DVDs-Netflix

I made it through yet another day TV free! Woot!

I have to admit, this no TV stuff is still really weird for me. I do not miss actually watching it, for I don’t actively watch TV that often. It is just the security of having it playing in the background that I miss.

I miss falling asleep to my Netflix comedy or drama of the moment. And now I have this sudden yearning to finish House of Cards Season 2.

And I still have those five DVDs still in their wrappers, just calling my name. Another month of dormancy won’t hurt them, since they have been collecting dust for some time now.

It seems that eliminating this stuff completely tends to bring up a need to do all of my TV-DVD-Netflix watching now. Instead I am staying strong and doing my other usual stuff, like laundry, sipping wine, checking Facebook, and doing some volunteer projects at home.

I do reward myself with a little Free Fall game action on the iPad periodically. I need something mind numbing to keep me from being too serious.

On to Day 3!


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