No TV (or DVDs, or Netflix)


The Decision

Last night I decided I should go TV-DVD-Netflix free for an entire month. And since today started a new month, I decided to just start right away.

I do not watch a lot of TV. I usually just have it on as background noise. I occasionally pop in a DVD. Netflix is probably the toughest to give up, as I usually fall asleep to Frasier (or whatever series I am on) playing on my iPhone or iPad.

During my day off yesterday, the usual background noise seemed to be a distraction. I had a lot to do at home during my day off. For once, I had nowhere to go and thought I would get a ton of stuff done. And that is when TV and the like became distracting.

I want to make my time at home meaningful. Sure, I need to get my household chores done. But even my down time needs to be changed up a bit. I read a fair amount and could read a lot more instead of zoning out in front of the TV or Netflix on the iPad screen. I bought an online subscription to The Wall Street Journal and rarely read it. Instead I usually absorb the mind-numbing sound bites from network news.

Day 1

So this morning I woke up and refrained from turning on the Today Show. It was weird. I played a few tunes instead. I blogged. I did the normal things without having the TV there to distract me for five or ten minutes here or there.

And this evening when I arrived at home at around 6:30 p.m., I did not immediately go to the TV. After about 30 minutes, I caught myself nearly turning it on out of habit. And then I redirected myself.

This could be a long 31 days. I have a feeling the first few days will be the worst though. Once I break the habit, I will miss the old ways less and less with each passing day. I am pretty excited to see what happens. It certainly can’t do me any harm to cut the TV, DVDs, and Netflix watching from my life. And I will never be bored. I have way too many things I want to do for that to happen.


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