My 2013 resolutions were quite successful. I did not resolve to do anything earth shattering, but a win is a win!


Little could I have known how much of a leadership challenge I would face throughout 2013 when I wrote my resolutions. When our 49-year-old optometrist passed away in February, I dug down as deep as possible to find every ounce of strength to keep our Target Optical team going. I would not wish this situation on anyone, and yet I now have a vast new perspective on what being a leader truly means to others. I am always a work in progress, so number one on last year’s list will continue to be a priority for me.

I wore more nail polish and lipstick in 2013. That was a fun one. 🙂

And I took number three to the max! I became very involved with the chamber and engaged in more OneSight activities. I was even chosen for a OneSight mission to India in December 2014! Woot!

Jag did pretty well with his resolutions also. I tried to sit and read more often, prompted by his immediate plopping into my lap whenever I finally sit down at night. He has cut back on plant eating and now gives Gabriel and Lucy several minutes before he hisses, runs away, or both.

Today I ponder the year ahead and create a few new resolutions (with some Kevin Nealon-esque subliminal thoughts):
1. Blog every week. (And actually post what I write.)
2. Send more snail mail. (Nice timing with the postage rate going up. Just a few pennies here and there though, which is nothing compared to the money I spend on Starbucks.)
3. Get my ABO – American Board of Optometry – certification. (Stop making excuses for not taking the exam! My life will always be busy.)

Following through on my resolutions will hopefully help me to channel a creative outlet for myself, keep in touch with friends and family, and continue to challenge myself professionally.

Here’s to all of our successes with this year’s resolutions!

Happy New Year!


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