The Paperless Quest Continues

I am SO excited for the Jobs movie to hit theaters. Our Iowa boy Ashton Kutcher plays Steve Jobs and recently made us extra proud with his Teen Choice Awards speech. Wow.

Before the Ashton thing though, I was looking forward to wrapping my mind around the “i” phenomenon. Last year I read the Walter Isaacson biography and immediately knew I needed to finally purchase an iPad. I had the iPhone 4, and of course it was not enough.

Ten months after joining the iPad world, I am still discovering new features and apps and trying to completely wean myself from my netbook. I most recently discovered the Google Drive and Adobe apps. Now I just need to find a way to master Constant Contact and SendOutCards from the iPad. Oh, and I need to get a wireless printer. And, full confession, I need to get better used to this WordPress app. (My last post published multiple times when I thought I was merely saving drafts.)

And then there’s my whole “going paperless” thing. Easier said than done. I love, love, love the Evernote app. It’s just getting everything in there and not clicking the print button, three hole punching papers, and placing them in my secure three ring red binder that is the multi-faceted problem. Old habits do die hard, especially when you randomly stumble upon a cute Vera Bradley “Lime’s Up” Miller bag at the Aurora outlet mall. The bag to paper/binder is like a dealer to crack. Seriously, so cute!


And I think I might have just published this post, unfinished nonetheless, while uploading the beautiful photo above. I am a work in progress. On with the quest to go paperless. I will keep you all posted!


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