When the Pieces Come Together

I always have ideas. Scattered. Random. Floating out there. A bit disjointed.

As a classic Type A, this drives me nuts. I want to organize my thoughts right now.

But sometimes it all takes time to come together.

And when it does, the light bulb is oh so bright. Everything else makes sense.

And then I realize that it makes sense now, but I may change my mind later.

But let’s go with the now. Embrace what makes sense at the moment. Stop naysaying.

Red Goose Solutions
One of my first steps with launching Red Goose Solutions, Inc. was to get a logo created. Love this!

My company idea Red Goose Solutions, Inc. has been sitting there. Waiting. Idle. Patient. I knew I’d get to it and figure out what “it” is supposed to be. I am proud of myself for having the foresight to use a semi-generic type of name that can encompass various ideas and services. I wrote about the name in a previous blog post.

I enjoy planning, organizing, and editing. Those passions are reflected in my basic services.

My hiccup has been how to integrate my SendOutCards business. For a while I used the title Mel’s Cards for it. Then I let it go, knowing in the back of my mind I needed to integrate it into something bigger. Sure, I could randomly add it to the Red Goose list, but my Type A self just would not allow it.

vemmafaveThen I began selling Vemma products. This was the first time I had addressed physical health in the business sense.

And then it hit me. It’s all about balance and well-roundedness: Mind, body, and soul. The mind part was obvious with the planning, organizing, and editing services. Vemma is a cool way to take care of the body. And SendOutCards, while a great organizing tool, is more about soul. It feels good to reach out to someone with an old-fashioned card (using modern technology) in our crazy world.

I am still fleshing out the mind, body, and soul descriptions. I want to name the categories with something more unique than “mind, body, and soul.” Early thoughts include “red” or “redhead” for mind, “bod” for body, and something about flight or soaring for the soul. I want to tie it into the Red Goose Solutions name without being too over the top or cheesy. Like I said, it’s a work in progress.

I have a Red Goose Solutions, Inc. Facebook page that links some of these ideas together, and I would love to hear your feedback.


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