Fridays with G and L: G the Bookworm

December 16, 2011

(continued from the first post about this day – so much material!)

To recap, G and L had fun in their PJs. They are so awake early in the mornings! Good thing I have coffee.

In addition to hiding under the blanket and putting the toy fire truck ladder in L’s mouth, G had one more trick up his sleeve.

OK, G. I get the hint. I need to wash my coat.

During most Friday afternoons G would nap. However, this was one of those days when G didn’t really feel like napping. Being the great Aunt Mel that I am, I was cool with letting G just have quiet time in his room. After a little while, I went to check on him.

Cutest two year old ever!
And then he wakes up….very slowly.

L took a nice long nap and was full of energy afterward.

Look at the iPhone, L!

I have a feeling L is going to be a bookworm just like her big brother.


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