Fridays with G and L: Haircut Time

December 9, 2011

G and L were so sweet this day, beginning with amusing their Aunt Mel and posing cute in their pajamas.

Posing pretty back in December. G and L are even cuter than usual in their PJs.

And then, all of a sudden, G was ready to go.

G’s hat and bag. What else could you possibly need to go out in December?

This trip to Davenport was going to be a good test of just how good G and L could be.  I was desperate for a haircut, as I had a second job interview at Rainbow International of the Quad Cities the following Monday.  When I walked into Salon Luce in downtown Davenport, the receptionist was super sweet to us.  And so was my stylist Amanda.  However, I received a few uneasy glances from a few of the customers.  I can’t say that I blame them.  I would have reacted the same way if I had seen someone like me walk in the door with a two and a half year old and an eight month old.

We brought the DVD player equipped with Monsters Inc. for security.  And these were the days when L was content sitting in her carrier.  But there were lots of strangers and no real comfy place to sit immediately by my side.

But this is G and L we are talking about.  They popped a squat on the floor against the wall near my stylist’s chair and were good to go.  Never screamed, never complained.  I have no photos, only physical witnesses.  I was stunned and did not want to ruin the moment by busting out the camera.  L even made some cute faces to get some more attention.

OK, I must confess.  I had bribed G with a cupcake if he was good also.  And I had talked all about this haircut repeatedly throughout the morning.  But if you have ever known a two year old, you know that it’s still a gamble.

True to my word, G enjoyed a cupcake afterward.

G was so good that I even let him keep his hat on and eat on the futon.

Then it was time to color!

It’s fun to color with crayons AND markers.

And Lucy was pretty happy too.

Always smiling!

Even though everyone at Salon Luce said G and L are welcome back any time, I am not up for testing my luck.  G and L did me a favor that day, and that is why they are still the world’s best nephew and niece.


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