Fridays with G and L: Snow, Spot, and Smiles

December 2, 2011

G, L, and I decided to spend most of our day in Davenport.  Immediately upon stepping outside, G noticed a patch of snow in the grass.  He was almost as excited about his second season of snow as he was with his first:

How fast that year came around again!

And G one year later – in 2011.

However, G wasn’t nearly as excited about his first trip to Antonella’s.

G decided to hide under a table, but Aunt Mel was there to catch him on camera when he finally re-emerged.

Our waitress was very nice and brought G some crayons, paper, and an Etch-A-Sketch.  Those things eventually lured him back to our table.

Lucy was super content in her carrier (obviously this was a few months ago before walking!):

Then we went to Aunt Mel’s place to play.

L loves Spot, the Target dog! Jag (the cat in the background) could really care less.
G calls the Target dogs “Mommy” and “Daddy” – of course.
G demanded I take a picture of this…..
…..and this.
The monkey jumping on my bed. (We have special rules at Aunt Mel’s place!)

What a fun day!  I think we all felt like L:


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