Downtown Davenport Adventures: Return of the Spiders

The spiders returned sometime back in March.  They are still friendly spiders strung across the outside of my high rise windows.  Fewer have shown up this time.  Whereas last year, two appeared in each window, this year each window so far only boasts one.  So, is this one George or Ethel, or neither?  I am in a naming conundrum.  Since I like to name things, I might as well just start over.  In my bedroom windows I have Thing One and Thing Two.  Kitchen: Barack in window one; Mitt in window two.  The living room’s two windows will be claimed by Lola and Ginger.

I mention the spiders to others and they get visibly creeped out.  However, I researched this spider phenomenon last year, and the spiders have remained outdoors.  Here’s to hoping we continue to co-exist peacefully!


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