Fridays with G and L: The Chicken and the Egg

Flashback to Halloween 2011: The Friday before Halloween weekend was fun, but that Sunday was even better.  That afternoon I went trick-or-treating with G and L in Durant.

G had been so proud of his chicken costume the minute his mom brought it home.  He even mowed the lawn with his costume on!

However, when the time came to go onto the proverbial stage, G was having a near meltdown.  When he arrived with his mom, dad, and Lucy at my parents’ house in Durant, he did not want to become a chicken.  So Aunt Mel did what she did best back during her preschool teaching days back in Pearland: She acted so excited and assumed G would be too.  See, enthusiasm is contagious, especially with G.  Mix in the fact that I’m not his parent, and I have hit a home run.

Within a few minutes, G was a chicken.

As we stopped at the first few houses, one thing slowed us down.  G wanted to eat his candy right away.  Had we been blessed with the entire day to trick-or-treat, this would have been fine.  However, we had about an hour and a half.  So little by little we all coached G on letting the candy wait for him unopened in his plastic pumpkin.

G was scared of only one house:

What freaked him out is still a mystery to me.  Maybe it was the dim lighting?

Lucy played the egg role very well, only being mistaken for an angel one time.

Lu Lu a.k.a. the cutest egg ever

Before I knew it, we were on our way back to Nana and Papa’s house for my mom’s birthday dinner.  Double nickel!

Perhaps my favorite site of the trick or treating outing was the chicken crossing the road.

A little blurry – guess the chicken likes to hurry across the road. 🙂

Then again, the family photo was cute too.

Cutest family ever!

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