When I Win the Mega Millions

It’s so much fun to dream.  And as I traveled my territory for work and strategically purchased Mega Million tickets at various small town gas stations a couple of weeks ago (total expenditures being $7), I could not help but to strategize what I would do with the money.

First, I would pay off everything: student loans, you name it.  I would pay a year ahead on my phone bill and rent just to be ahead and not have to think about writing checks here and there all of the time.

Second, I would give money to my closest friends and family members.  I would give a big enough amount to each person that would pay off their houses, vehicles, weddings, etc. and then give them a little cushion.

Third, I would donate money to charity.  Having all of that money would be overwhelming, and giving a bunch away might actually lift a little weight from one’s shoulders.

Then, I would move on to my few splurge items.  First, a brand new Chevy Camaro.  Second, a beach house.  Third, a coffee shop and/or winery purchase.

After that I would travel around and hang out and do stuff.  For instance, I would be able to go visit all of my friends scattered across the country.  And I would have time to help with everyone’s projects.  When I grew tired of them, I could just hire someone to finish the job while I would have a cocktail with my friend or family member.

And, while not nearly as glamorous as so many other things I could be doing, perhaps the best thing would be having the time and freedom to lie by the beach and read for hours on end.

There’s always next time, right?  🙂


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