High Heeled and Low Maintenance

“Fortune does favor the bold.” – Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO

I thrive on girl power, real girl power.  I am sure I have driven more than one co-worker nuts with this enthusiasm at one time or another.  I was probably at my height of my own version of feminism when I worked on political campaigns.  When surrounded by men and analyzing a commercial, I would notice different things than they would.  I honestly wasn’t trying to pick a fight.  I was simply being honest.

As I have encountered various situations both professionally and personally, I have learned that girl power is found in a variety of forms.  I like the bold form. The form that takes no prisoners.  The form that does not apologize.  The form that is accountable and is willing to admit mistakes.  The form that embraces the full scope of being a girl.

I have also realized the forms I do not like.  The form that takes things too personally.  The form that nitpicks.  The form that is highly critical of fellow women but not men.  The form that says we must hide what makes us different and unique.

I am a firm believer in doing what I think is right, being myself, and letting the chips fall where they may.  I can always improve, learn, and re-evaluate.  But I am not going to constantly second guess myself as I get things done every day.

While I don’t agonize over how I am perceived, it helps to receive some positive reinforcement now and then.  One day, while working with a congressional candidate in Minnesota as part of my consulting duties at Victory Enterprises, the candidate turned to me and said,

“I told my wife we need to find another one of you to work for us: high heeled and low maintenance.”

SO proud of that.  It still warms my heart.


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