Another Fave Coffee Shop – In Clinton!

While I was visiting insurance agents with Shelly a month or so ago, we drank a ton of coffee.  We both like coffee anyway, so you combine our cravings together, and we were never without a cup in hand in between stops.  While in Clinton one afternoon, we were in dire need of coffee.  So I googled “Clinton Iowa coffee shops” and crossed my fingers that something good would pop up.  We had been burned by the random “coffee shop” the day before, so I clicked a few links before settling on one.

I put “coffee shop” in quotes because some places think they are coffee shops when they are not.  If people can’t order a good espresso drink or enjoy a great atmosphere with free wi-fi, you are not a real coffee shop.  I am not a snob.  I just know my coffee.

So we decided to venture into 392 Caffe.  (I’m having issues with the degree symbol and accent agu on Caffe in this blog format, so please bear with me.)  Immediately we were smiling.  We found a great one!  We ordered our coffees.  Shelly had a scone, and I had some quiche.  All was delish.

We had to ask a stranger to take a photo because of the beautiful tree on the wall.  The red, black, and gray decor was simply fabulous:

Say, "We love coffee!"

As we departed, I knew I’d be back there every time I could when my work brought me to Clinton.  I was sad to leave, but then I found 392 Caffe on Facebook and Twitter.  And they get it with social media.  They update frequently and post fun things.  Not only was their coffee awesome, they knew how to market.  And for this marketing gal, it was a great discovery.

Then last week I saw they were having a ribbon cutting on February 29.  They had just opened in January 2012 and now they were going to make it all official.  I love supporting fellow chamber businesses, as we at Rainbow International of the Quad Cities are a member of the Clinton, Quad Cities, and Muscatine chambers.  And it was happening on Leap Day – a day when I was looking for something special to add to my schedule.  (Yes, I am a nerd and proud of it.)

The ribbon cutting was great.  I found out the place is L.A. inspired and a family business.  I even heard, “Hi, Melissa!” when I walked in the door.  Being remembered is awesome and another key part of the coffee shop biz.

The family owners talking about their awesome coffee shop.

After the official ribbon cutting, everything was 39.2% off for an hour.  Another clever marketing move!  I met some great Clintonites (or are they Clintonians?) and enjoyed a bigger (they have sizes big and bigger) salty caramel latte and a cranberry orange scone.  So yummy.

I said goodbye to all of my new friends and immediately started to think about when I’d need to come back to Clinton again.

The idea to write this came to me when asked about blogging as I left that day.  Yes, flattery does motivate.  Then I was thinking about coffee lovers like me who are always on the lookout for great places.  This should qualify as a PSA if you ask me!

Thanks to the 392 crew!  See you soon!


4 thoughts on “Another Fave Coffee Shop – In Clinton!

  1. This is great! Thank you so much for the awesome write-up, and Thank You again for joining us for our special day! We look forward to seeing much more of you in the future! =)

  2. What a terrific blog….! You captured everything that 392 is and what they’ve brought to the area. 😉 It makes me smile to know how supported they are and how much everyone expresses their love for them. 🙂

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