The Return to Vicki’s

At one time, I counted my undies and had 85 pairs.  I visited Victoria’s Secret and purchased a lot of items there.  I was not doing it to impress anyone.  I just like cute undies and PJs.  I don’t spend a lot of money on shoes or purses.  But put me in a store with cute undies and PJs, and I will spend every penny I can on them.

I have been a very good kid during the past year in regards to limiting my purchases in this area.  I rarely went into Victoria’s Secret and even cut up my credit card so I could work on paying other things off before I spent money on undies.  And I succeeded.

Then I received my $10 off birthday coupon in the mail.  I told myself I could buy something.  I was good for so long and I am in desperate need (OK, OK, want) of new PJs.  So one week ago, I entered Vicki’s again, willing to spend some money.

I was a pretty good kid and only spent $43.33.  One of the items I departed with was a black night shirt that reads “DANCE ALL NIGHT” in white lettering with silver studs.  Seriously, that one screamed at me.  I had to take it home.

Then I checked my mailbox the next day and found new coupons.  They are good!  I am sure they monitored my googly eyes when I passed by about 20 other things in the store I resisted buying.

I quite possibly could have purchased a few large items by now with all of the money I have spent on PJs and undies.  But I don’t smoke, I don’t buy really expensive clothes, and I don’t gamble.  So I have to have something.  And sometimes it’s good to have a little too much of a good thing.


One thought on “The Return to Vicki’s

  1. When I was certified by the American Lung Association to do Smoking Cessasion classes as a nurse, one of the things we told all the smokers was to put the amount of money daily, that they would have spent on cigarettes that day and every week take the money and reward yourself with neat things. In this case I would tell you that everyday you should reward yourself with $$ you save NOT being a smoker. At the end of the week, or possibly bi-monthly, spend it all on yourself for things you want. (Don’t do it monthly or longer as the “instant gratification” effects aren’t satisfied. Be it Victoria’s Secret or a decadent sweet shop, or nail salon: DO IT. You are definitely worth it, and it is said we should love ourselves first to learn how to love others. Go for it, you certainly have my encouragement.

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