Day 12,053

Monday, February 27, 2012, wasn’t just my 33rd birthday. It was my 12, 053rd day.

It was a fabulous day. I had no high hopes because it was on a Monday. I didn’t consider taking Monday off from work because I do love my job, and just about everyone else would be working anyway.

I started my day with redeeming my free birthday drink coupon at Starbucks.

I walked in the door at Rainbow International of the Quad Cities to Shelly’s cheerful (yes, she’s one of those morning people) “Happy Birthday, Melissa!” Then I arrived at my desk to find a card from my co-workers, with a Starbucks gift card enclosed.

Thank you, Rainbow co-workers for many happy mornings ahead. 🙂

About an hour later, our office manager Carol asked if I would be in the office all day. I was going to get birthday cake that afternoon!

Then Shelly took me out to lunch at Azteca….SO good.

When I arrived back at my office after lunch, I had a surprise from bestie Jen that nearly made me cry:

Simply beautiful! Thanks, Jen!

But the deliveries were only beginning! Next was a flower cake from my former Target Optical co-workers Raye, Nikki, and Anthony:

Roses, carnations, and daisies with greenery on a glass plate, made by Greenthumbers.

My office smelled and looked awesome.

Wow. Guess I don't need a man to get me flowers. I would accept jewelry though. Ha ha. 😉

Oh, and we are not even close to finished yet. I had to eat some delish chocolate cake, but only after posing for a photo. Yes, I still care about my birthday, just like I did when I was five years old.

I love chocolate!

On the way home from work, I detoured to The Grape Life for a good bottle of red wine. Also perused Hobby Lobby for a bit, but didn’t find anything I had to have.

Think I had enough birthday fun by then? Probably, but there’s still more…..

My sister arrived at my door with G and L. And homemade pizza for dinner. And a birthday gift. I was a slacker and didn’t take a picture of the pizza, but I did take a picture of the awesome trio of coffee koozies she made for me:

Sarah is so crafty. She needs to start selling these on Etsy!

And G and L were entertaining, as always.

Hi Lucy!
Reaching for my iPhone
G helps me blow out my candles
"Yeah, I'm awesome," thinks G.
L channels her inner Spiderman. She literally tried to climb outside!

After Sarah, G and L left, I curled up with Jag and my wine.  I decided it’s wise to listen to Betty White, as my goal is to make it to two more 33 milestones.


Thanks to all who made my birthday fabulous!


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