Changing the Headline…..Yet Again

I made a few big changes at the end of 2011.  I retired the red and khaki on December 29.  I also left the headhunting business.  It was bittersweet to leave good positions to pursue an awesome opportunity.

My Optical Family 🙂

While I no longer babysit G and L for a full Friday every week, I continue to see them as often as possible.  And since I barely blogged during the fourth quarter of 2011, I have plenty of Fridays with G and L posts in the file yet to publish.  And when I am through those, I will have new posts from random times together.

I have been in my new role with Rainbow International of the Quad Cities (Like us on Facebook!) for 53 days now, and I absolutely love it.  My official title is Business Development Associate.  I travel across Scott, Clinton, Jackson, Cedar, and Muscatine counties in Iowa, as well as Henry and Rock Island counties in Illinois.  I meet with insurance agents and others, promoting Rainbow’s restoration and cleaning business.  I attend various chamber events in the Quad Cities, Clinton, and Muscatine.  I manage our social media accounts and website.  I take care of all marketing activities and purchases.

My Cute Rainbow Office

I continue to work the SendOutCards and Red Goose Solutions businesses on the side.  And of course I am still doing the political thing like a mad woman too.

So now my headline includes “marketing gal”.  I had already been a marketing gal for quite some time, just had not realized it yet.  Self realization is a wonderful thing!


5 thoughts on “Changing the Headline…..Yet Again

  1. Hi, Melissa –

    Got a question for you. Does Rainbow International do crime scene cleanup? I’m talking about the stuff out of the movie “Sunshine Cleaning” – biohazard removal and that sort of thing.

    Here’s why I ask. I’ve wanted for a long time to do a story about crime-scene cleanup services and what exactly they do and how they do it. And if Rainbow is in that business, I’d love to talk to some of the folks there for such a story.

    Anyway, drop me an email ( or send me a message here. I also sent you a Facebook message.


    1. Actually crime scene and biohazard cleanup is the one type of service we do not provide. I can maybe provide you a lead with someone who does that if you are still looking.

      1. Ok. I’d happily take the lead if you can provide it. Definitely still looking. Drop me an email with the info. And thanks. You rule.

  2. When they created “multi-tasking” you were the model: no doubt about it.

    The problem with being a multi-tasker and mult-talented is that you are “multi-requested” for help. Remember to take care of yourself; and to “pace” yourself is survival. Take it from a very Type A is is now a very old Type A and still spends 40-60 hours a week working (writing).

    Keep up the blog: it’s a personal discipline that comes back to pat you on the back.

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