Just Be

I nearly always have to do list items running through my head.  True, I am a busy person.  Lots of people are busy.  And I am pretty sure a lot of those busy people have a switch to turn off the to do list once in a while.  I struggle with finding the switch and then leaving it off.

During our Scott County Republicans Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament on Saturday night, I worked on data entry.  I was not playing cards, but yet I could have put the netbook and phone away to instead enjoy the company of those around me.  I participated in conversation here and there and did eventually shut down the netbook.  But that was at least an hour or so into the event.

Then on Sunday night, I was at it again.  I used the birthday get-together at my mom and stepdad’s house as an opportunity to upload some You Tube videos.  True, I just checked on the computer a handful of times.  But I was still thinking about checking the uploads while I was hanging out with the fam.

It seems that I am always thinking about items to do.

I suppose it is a good thing that I have a tough time just watching TV without doing something else.  And my to dos keep me organized.

But I don’t want to miss out on the really good moments because I am too distracted to enjoy the current moment with 100% of my being.  While my lists of to dos are part of me, I need to just be sometimes.  Just be what?  Just be still.  Just be relaxed.  Just be happy.  Just be excited when the Donald fires the right person.  Or simply just be.


2 thoughts on “Just Be

  1. I think the idea of a never-shut-off brain is even more common in our generation. With our smartphones glued to our hands (and eyeballs), it can be hard to “just be” as you put it. I struggle with this even more so since I moved out to SF. Being in the heart of a tech community can really blur the lines between your professional life and personal life – especially on the to-dos side. Nice muse! 😉

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