Downtown Davenport Adventures: Seester Day

I decided to arrange a day of fun in Davenport last year for my sister’s birthday.  Sarah’s birthday was in July, but it was September before we both blocked out a day for the two of us.

The day began a little earlier than I had anticipated, with 7:00 a.m. mass at St. Anthony’s.  Of course I didn’t have to go, but since Sarah was going, and it was across the street from my place, I joined in.  I never knew they had mass that early on Sunday mornings!

Then we took a walk on the Mississippi River trail down to Hot Yoga of the Quad Cities.  This was my first yoga adventure and the first time doing HOT yoga for both of us.  Thanks to my sister piping up with “hamstrings!” when the instructor asked if we wanted to work any area in particular, she and I both found some of our movements to be a bit painful for the next few days.

The class was fun, and the hour went by very fast.  We had one guy in the class, and all ages of women.  I felt like a sweaty mess though, whilst everyone else took on a glistening glow.  It even became tough to grasp onto various points of my arms and legs due to the immense perspiration.  Very cleansing, at least.

After we hit the showers chez Mel, I introduced Sarah to Barrel House 211.  She liked the shrimp tacos as much as I did!  While sitting at a window table there, we found amusement in watching couples walk, run, and bike down the street in their attempts to win Necker’s Diamond Dash.

We finished the day at The Figge Art Museum.  The Haitian art exhibit had recently opened, and we enjoyed a free tour of the museum with admission.  We discovered a major donor and supporter of Haitian artists was from Davenport.

Not only was this a great day to bond with my sister, but we found so much to do in Downtown Davenport.


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