My Dream Guy

My dream guy:

a) is a barista.

b) owns a vineyard (not Ben).

c) finds my OCD tendencies to be endearing.

d) can and will yell back at me when I am simply being ridiculous.

e) has fire in his belly.

If you guessed all of the above, you are correct.  I would perhaps settle for three out of the five.

On this Valentine’s Day, I am not hitched, pining for someone, or bitter.  I am simply OK.  Of course I would like to find my needle in a haystack, my dream guy.  But patience is a virtue.  And I am willing to wait for the right guy.  Chances are I have met him and just don’t know it (or stubbornly refuse to see it) yet.

In the meantime, I’ll cherish my non-romantic loved ones and enjoy my very own bottle of red wine.  Cheers and Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!


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