December Recap

December definitely went down as one of the best months in 2011.

1. Bestie Jen got engaged on Christmas Eve, and I will be a bridesmaid this year!

2. Cousin Kris had a baby girl on Christmas Eve (her due date) – Lena Helen.  Yes, Christmas Eve was full of surprises.

3. I accepted a new position as a Business Development Associate (BDA) at Rainbow International of the Quad Cities.  I spread the word about the company, manage their social media, meet with insurance agents, and network at various chamber and community functions.

4. I left Target Optical and A-PLUS Recruiting, which was bittersweet.

5. Our Davenport Target Optical store finished #1 in our region (the entire states of Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas) for 2011 sales.

6. Final official Friday with G and L was on December 30.  The posts will continue under a new name.  Aunt Mel will be babysitting nights, weekends, and whenever else I can.

7. Attended bestie Lexi’s baby shower.  She is due any day now!

Stay tuned for my end of year recap: “2011 from A to Z”.


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