Fridays with G and L: It Takes 2

Yes, Fridays with G and L is back!  With the exception of Black Friday, we have been spending every Friday together since the last post eons ago.  I have just been all consumed with Target Optical work and preparing for the Iowa Caucuses, as well as my reign as 2012 – 2013 President of Scott County Republican Women.  Now that my to do list is down to one page, I am making time to blog once again.  This story is from Friday, December 16, 2011.

G was waiting for me at the door.  Standing on the step stool I gave to him for his first birthday.  Peering out the window.  And then a big smile as I walk up to the door.  Seriously, can this kid make me love him even more?

I have arrived!

I arrived a bit later than usual, but not because I slept in.  This time G’s dad had a later morning start, late being 7:15 a.m.  Early is relative to one’s state in life.  I used to arrive at Target by 6:00 a.m. after commuting for an hour.  I don’t care who you are – THAT was early.

I am constantly amazed by the bond that has so quickly developed between G and L.  I remember G being a little out of sorts for the first couple of days after L came home from the hospital, but I think that was largely because G had to be away from his mom and dad for a couple of days.

Hiding under the blanket!

While we all still have to remind G that his sister is a baby and he needs to be gentle with her, any borderline smothering he engages in is obviously due to love.  And now that L actually responds to G, he is only more encouraged to get in her face.

Sibling love

L is going to be a tough girl because she has learned to roll with Gabriel’s craziness from day one.  And G is not naughty – just your typical rambunctious two year old.  L seems to love his craziness most of the time.  She smiles at the sight of G, squeals at his antics, and undoubtedly is taking mental notes for when she is more mobile.

G tries a new trick with the fire truck
And then Lucy decides a ladder in the mouth is a good teething remedy. She is smiling! And G is proud.

Watching G and L interact is so heartwarming.  My siblings are six and ten years younger than me, so it is intriguing for me to watch this close interaction at their young ages.  G is already protective of L when out in public.  If a stranger gets to close to her, he proclaims “my woo-woo (Lu-Lu)” and gets in her face.  I pity the fool who tries to date her in a few years.

While G and L’s antics are all fun and games now, it’s going to be a challenge once they are both old enough to co-conspire against Aunt Mel.


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