Goodbye Foursquare

Goodbyes are tough.  I enjoyed my bout with foursquare and found it tough to delete my account and its 12 mayorships, 21 badges, and 865 check ins.

It was distracting, part of the static I don’t need in my life at the moment.

On more than one occasion, I frantically pulled up my foursquare app to check in at a place as I was pulling out of the parking lot.  I wanted credit for being there, even though I had not remembered to check in right away.

I would find myself disappointed if a place wasn’t already on foursquare because then it took extra work to set it up and get credit for being there.

And when I was ousted as mayor of a location, I would think back to the couple of times I forgot to check in there.  Then I would be disappointed in myself for not being consistent with my check ins.

Yes, it was becoming a borderline obsession.  And for what value?

A few businesses are posting specials on foursquare, and I received a discount on my cup of coffee when I checked into Dunn Bros. Coffee for the first time.

The badges were fun:  bookworm, wino, etc.  They only told me what I already knew though.

And then there’s the creepy, lingering thought of people being able to know where I am.  Foursquare does have privacy settings, so one can block their foursquare friends, Facebook, and Twitter from knowing where they are.  But alas, foursquare knew where I was.  I am not a conspiracy theorist, but consciously making it easier for a program to track me seems a bit ridiculous when I really think about it.  Sure, my phone has GPS and the guys in black can find me anywhere, but why would I actively feed into that?

It was fun for a while.  And then it seemed to take snippets of time and attention here and there while losing its value for me personally.

So I had to say goodbye.


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