Optical Signs

Yesterday I posted about paying attention to my gut / inner voice / instincts in order to prioritize my jobs and activities.

My largest decision to come out of that was to take on more work at Target Optical and pursue that avenue further.  And I want to give credit where credit is due.  Yes, my gut led the way.  But there were many signs during this past week also.  Call it coincidence or God, or a little bit of both.  Regardless of your opinion, it was definitely in the stars to make the decision I did:

– My hairstylist Amanda randomly mentioned during cutting my hair that she finally went in to Target Optical the other day.  She found a pair of sunglasses she is in love with and can’t wait to get them.

– I constantly spotted red shirts that would look so cute to wear at work.

– My mom bought glasses and sunglasses at Target Optical and had a wonderful experience.

– My great aunt Connie made me red jewelry to wear at work.

– I constantly check out people’s glasses: on TV, at restaurants, when shopping, you name it.

– G was shopping with his mom and L at Target one morning, before Target Optical was open.  The gate was closed and lights were out, but G noticed optical when they were within site of it.  He said, “Mommy, eyes!  Mommy, eyes!” multiple times and was disappointed they couldn’t go in to look at the glasses.  (And I’m thinking he may have wanted to see his Aunt Mel too!)

My take away:  If you are facing a tough decision, go ahead and do a gut check, but also open your eyes (no pun intended!) to the signs around you.


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