Gut Check

My most recent a-ha moment was summed up with a tweet on Monday night:

“Sometimes the best opportunity is right in front of me, but I do not see it because I am making things more difficult than necessary.”

I have been reading the book “Fierce Conversations” by Susan Scott as a leadership assignment for Target Optical.  As a regional consultant, I join in on the weekly Optical Team Leader conference calls most weeks.  We have been discussing sections of this book for a portion of the conference call during the past few weeks.

Last week I was reading about listening to oneself and going with our instincts.  Sometimes we may be wrong, but more often than not, our gut is right.  I needed an honest gut check.  I have been analyzing things from a broader perspective but needed to zero in on my gut and therefore, my instincts.

I have been trying to eliminate static in my life, i.e. eliminate one thing or another that takes my precious time.  I thought it might be my political involvement on the state level with Republican women.  After that gut check last month, I discovered I cared too much about the cause to let it go.

Then what was I going to do?  I was sure eliminating that item had been the silver bullet.  Maybe I’m destined to be going in 20 different directions at once.

October 2011 was my best SendOutCards month to date.  Everything clicked for me.  I definitely need to put more time in to that project.  Great, I just keep adding to my priority list.  Shouldn’t I be eliminating things and thus simplifying my life?

I am beginning to realize that maybe the good stuff will rise to the top, thus creating a natural selection of what needs to go.  I had been convinced that I would ax out the bad and deal with the leftovers.  I was approaching it the wrong way.

The Target Optical job has been my one constant during the past year.  My one year anniversary is quickly approaching.  It started out as a 10 hour per week job and quickly became more than that.  And that has been a bit scary, especially after leaving the human resources job in the general Target store because it became something I did not want it to be.  So I have been very critical of optical at times, while not being critical enough of other things.  But optical really is different.  It keeps me balanced in multiple ways.

I love helping people to see, in the literal sense.  I am a crazy Target lady and always will be, whether or not I am wearing the red and khaki.  I appreciate the stability it provides.  I also like the little bit of flexibility that allows me to be me:  godmother, entrepreneur, and political enthusiast.

None of this should be a revelation because it was right in front of me the entire time.  The problem is I was making things too difficult.


One thought on “Gut Check

  1. It is good to have these epiphanies and to have them at an “early age” which you are compared to me. It is a way of self validation: and let me add to that by saying your writing reveals your grounding, your being centered, and the revelation of a fine young woman who knows where she is going, and has a clear vision of her path. Congrats. Enjoyed the piece.

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