Fridays with G and L: Special Events

My last two Fridays with G and L have been literal snippets of time here and there.  It makes me realize that we are always facing the dilemma of prioritizing our choices, and our time together really is precious.

Friday, October 14, was a half day of fun.  I had to leave by 1:30 p.m. to go to Des Moines for the Iowa Federation of Republican Women meetings leading up to the IFRW Biennial Convention on Saturday, October 15.  G and L had to be at Marie’s house at around 11:00 a.m. so they could resume a normal routine there for the day, with lunch and then nap time to follow.

When we hopped into Smurfette to “go bye” at around 10:50 a.m., I reiterated to G that we weren’t going on an adventure today.  Instead we were going to Marie’s house because Aunt Mel had meetings in Des Moines that he would find incredibly boring.  And, being the nerd I am with giving G as much information as I think he can handle, I added that I was doing political stuff.  While many adults talk smack about politics, Aunt Mel believes we must get involved and let our voices be heard.  I told him we would talk more specifics down the road, but very few things would ever take me away from our Fridays together, so it really was THAT important.

When we pulled up to Marie’s, G said “no!” and a big, fat crocodile tear appeared out of nowhere, streaming down his face.  I told him I was sorry but we would make up for it next week and he would get to play with his friends today.

Sure enough, once we took a good 60 seconds to regroup and then got out of the car, he was ready to go.  G showed me the door we needed to go in and was super excited when he saw his friends and favorite toys inside Marie’s house.

L, as always, was agreeable to the situation.

I was wrong to think the next Friday would be back to normal.  G and L’s Great Grandma Costello passed away on October 17, with the funeral being held on Friday, October 21.  I attended the funeral and was very touched by the service.  A few times I noticed a look of concern on G’s face.  While he couldn’t completely understand everything, he definitely knew something was wrong.  I went to the grave site for a few moments, and the family stayed while the casket was lowered.  According to his mom, G repeatedly said “Oh no!” when they lowered Great Grandma Elma into the ground.  And he had sadly told her “bye” at the wake the night before.  Powerful statements from a two year old.

I brought G some cookies and took him to Smurfette before I left to give them to him.  Once again though, G thought we were leaving to go somewhere fun.  Then he realized his car seat wasn’t in my car and accepted this change in Friday routine for the second time.

G and I did have some fun the next day when we went to see The Lion King in 3D with Sarah and L.  G refused to wear the 3D glasses but enjoyed the movie anyway.  Even though Sarah brought snacks along for G, I broke down and brought us a bag of popcorn to share.  I later found out this ruined his lunch.  Technically I did ask Sarah’s permission first and it is my job as Aunt Mel to cave in and spoil him.  After two Fridays of no adventure, I had to at least buy the boy some popcorn.

L watched some of the movie and was super good during the full hour and a half.  She is the best baby ever.

I am really looking forward to this next Friday with G and L.  Withdrawal has been setting in!


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