Opening Monday

Beginning today, I will be posting current job openings every Monday.  If you or someone you know might be a fit, let’s talk.  If you refer someone who gets hired and stays on for 60+ days, you will get a $100 referral fee.  Awesome, huh?

Please keep in mind, my client base is made up of various businesses, so it is up to them to decide if candidates are the right fit.  I look for a match and hopefully things work out for both parties.  While I can’t make any guarantees for you or someone you know, I will keep you in the loop every step of the way if you pursue one of these opportunities.

Here we go with the job openings this week:

1. Certified Real Estate Appraiser – Quad Cities; must be certified

2. B2B Capital Equipment Sales – Rockford, IL; great base with huge commission potential

3. Datacom Sales – Quad Cities

4. Medical Billing / Coding / Transcriptionist – Quad Cities

5. Copier Service Tech / Repair – Quad Cities

6. Vice President of Marketing – Quad Cities

7. Electrical Sales / Manager – NE Iowa, Western Iowa, Des Moines

Feel free to call or email me at with any leads.

And I’ll leave you with this fun conversation about headhunters, courtesy of a favorite TV show, The Office:

Pam Beesly: Do you have any leads on a job?
Michael Scott: Pam what you don’t understand is at my level, you don’t just look in the want ads for a job, you are headhunted!
Jim Halpert: Have you called any headhunters?
Michael Scott: Any good headhunter knows that I am available.
Dwight Schrute: Any really good headhunter will storm your village at sunset with overwhelming force and cut off your head with a ceremonial knife.
Jim Halpert: Right, because that’s what we’re talking about.

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