Fridays with G and L: The Town of Tipton

I am really missing G and L today, as I am in Kansas City for the National Federation of Republican Women Biennial Convention.

Last week we decided to head westward to the town of Tipton.

Buckling up in the back of Smurfette
Lucy loves going for a ride!

The plan was to go to the library and/or the park.  The on and off light rain kept us away from the park, but we had a lot of fun at the library.

After we had explored the library, we decided to go somewhere new for lunch.  So we checked out A Place To Land on Cedar Street.  A dragon greeted us at the door, and G promptly greeted him back with a “Raaaar!”

G found the dragon's tongue!

The owner was super nice, and the food was wonderful.  G had a grilled PB&J, carrots with ranch, and REAL lemonade.  He cleaned his plate completely!

And we had cake flavored gelato for dessert!

We will definitely be going back to A Place To Land.

I have to admit that I am a bit homesick for my niece and nephew right now.  I am constantly looking at the time and thinking of what we would be doing if I was in Bennett.  For today, Starbucks and the company of my Kansas City friends will have to suffice.


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