Fridays with G and L: Rainy Day

This past Friday was a cold and rainy day (and I did not oversleep – woot!).  I dreaded these days when I taught preschool back in the day, but with G and L, every day is fun.  I had to explain to G a few times that we would not be “going bye” that day.  It was a good day to just stay in and veg a little.

L agrees. It's a good day to veg!

We watched a few animated shows in the morning while snuggling up under the blanket on the couch.

Our newest toy adventure was combining the fire truck and fireman toys with the Play Doh creations on the table.  Somehow we contained the mess to the table, and G loved it.

G moves the trucks back to the floor (without the Play Doh).

I try to hold L during most of the times I am playing with G, and her face says it all.  She wants in, now.  I have told G about this, telling him in a few months she will be playing with him all of the time.

Besides the futile attempts to have G say, “Aunt Mel” (I am still “Mommy”), I am also trying to get him to say please and thank you.  During one of our one-on-one moments when he was asking for something and I was trying to explain the concept of please before fulfilling his request, G pointed to a scab/zit on my face, said “owie,” and kissed the spot on my face.  Awwww!  The boy has compassion!  And I knew it was more than just a fluke when, prior to nap time, G saw Chloe on Days of Our Lives lying in the hospital bed, looked at me, pointed at the TV, and frowned.  I assured G that Chloe would be OK.  The doctors were making her better.

While G is a compassionate boy, he still goes after what he wants.  I suppose assertiveness is a good trait too, especially when he’s eyeing my Iowa Hawkeyes hat.

G stopped playing the piano in protest to having his picture taken. I think we have another percussionist in the fam!
G hamming it up with the Hawkeye hat

Yet another wonderful day with the two cutest kids in the world, who recently posed for formal portraits at Target (where else?).


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