Fridays with G and L: Oversleeping

I wake up.  The sun is shining.  It is Friday.  Hmmm.  The sun is never shining when I wake up on Fridays.

Oh no!  What time is it?  I scramble to find my iPhone/alarm.  I locate it under the pillow.  Goodness.  It could be 9:00 a.m. or later.  Sarah probably tried calling me 20 times by now.

iPhone: 6:23 a.m.  Not as bad as I thought.  However, I should be there by now!  Must call Sarah, stat.  Focus.  Coffee will have to wait until after the phone call.

Sarah will figure it out.  Jeremiah has an appointment to take Frieda the Fun Hundred into the shop this morning, so it will work for him to stay with the kiddos until I get there.

Luckily I have my bag packed from the night before.  You see on Fridays, I take a bag full of stuff along: purse items, binder/notebook/books on the rare occasion I decide to work during nap time, netbook to stay connected with the world, and a goody or two (in animated movie or Play Doh form) for G.  I double check that I have my wallet and keys, brush my teeth, and I was on my way.

I want to stop and see Alexis at Caribou but have to settle for the quicker Starbucks option instead.

When I arrive at G and L’s house, they are still sleeping.  I apologize profusely because I don’t want to be the unreliable aunt.  Granted, this is the first time this has happened, but still.  I don’t want to make it a habit.

Once Jeremiah left and I had calmed the heart racing to a normal pace, G and L wake up.

Other than the oversleeping, it is a fabulous day.  We have lunch at Beignet Done That with my friend Jaimy, and G and L are SO well behaved.  Then we hop over to the cupcake shop.

We discover the fountain next to the River Center looks similar to the spray park set up in Muscatine.  G totally listens to my explanation and is more than happy to stick his hand in when I tell him it is OK to hang out along the edge of it.

Another fun day with G and L.  Oversleeping and all.


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