Downtown Davenport Adventures: River Roots Live

River Roots Live became a top priority this year the moment I heard the headliners: Gin Blossoms and Blues Traveler.

And I had to prioritize.  We had two Schulz events during the same weekend, August 19 – 20.

Friday night’s Gin Blossoms show was fabulous.  I even scored a VIP pass, which meant a private bar and closer access.  I spotted Robin Wilson after the show and asked a group of ladies nearby if they would take my picture with him.  Well, they had me take their picture first and then split.  They didn’t even notice he was there until I told them!  The nerve.  And then no one else nearby was willing to take a stab at photography with my iPhone.  Seriously.

But I did have him sign my koozie.  And to those ladies: karma is a be-atch.  Watch out.

Saturday night was twice as packed, and of course that’s the night I had to slum it in general admission.  Blues Traveler put on a totally different show – more instrumental artsy stuff than cute lyrics.  I loved it.  I also loved that I didn’t have to resort to using the kybos, as I heard some nasty reviews near the end of the night.

The big surprise on Saturday was the post-headliner Nikka Costa.  That lady has a voice and moves!  And I never knew she had a song on the Blow soundtrack.  Johnny Depp in that movie: delicious.

Back to the River Roots……

To top off all of this fabulous music, the event was held down in LeClaire Park after having it in the streets last year.  The park wins, hands down.  The weather was beautiful, and the fireworks at Modern Woodmen Park were a neat backdrop to Blues Traveler’s performance late Saturday night.

Perhaps the hugest factor to consider:  It was FREE!  The only thing that beats good live music outdoors is free, good, live music outdoors.  The Quad Cities Chamber has also brilliantly combined it with Rib Fest.  So you get free entertainment and then spend your money on ribs and beer.  Wonderful.

Next year I hope to be able to see some of the day time performers too.  I can’t wait to see who comes to visit us next year!


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