Fridays with G and L: Mighty Muscatine

Late morning and early afternoon has proven to be the best time for an outing with G and L.  We can take our time waking up, have lunch somewhere fun, and then be back home in time for naps.

Since we went to Davenport the week before, I decided to venture over to Muscatine next.  The plan was to hit the playground next to the Misssissippi River downtown, and then go to Elly’s for lunch.

We discovered upon arrival at the playground that Muscatine has a spray park.  G was ecstatic!  Since I failed to pack swim trunks, we stripped G down to his shorts and let him go.

G was happy to chase around a four year old girl, who didn’t seem to mind.

Then we went off to the playground.

Next I changed G into his spare/dry clothes, and we walked up toward Elly’s.

We had to check out the iron bike sculpture on the corner (of course!).

Elly’s was fabulous, as always.  We even found a salad with all of G’s favorites.

And G also ate half of my tomato/basil/cheese/pesto sandwich.  We found yet another thing he likes to eat!

On our way out of Pearl Plaza, we had to go upstairs and say hi to Mark Twain.

Lucy enjoyed all of this too.

After one more stop at the spray park, we drove back to Bennett.  Nap time!


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