Downtown Davenport Adventures: BixBrai 2011

Very few things top living downtown during BixBrai 2011.  No traffic to fight.  Steady stream of people-watching entertainment.  A kybo 1/2 block from my apartment building entrance – just in case I can’t hold it until the 6th floor.

The kick-off to the festivities began that Friday evening with G at the Jr. Bix.  The jury is still out on whether he is permanently scarred from being crammed into a starting line with so many toddlers at one time.  G ran the very beginning and the very end, with daddy carrying him during most of the middle.  G loved the food and water at the end, and we all celebrated with some Happy Joe’s pizza afterward.

For the first time ever, my sister and I did the Bix together.  I slept in until 7:00 a.m. – very late considering the drive time I had to count in last year.  Somehow I still managed to not make time for a decent breakfast.  I downed a little bit of trail mix and water and thought I was good to go.  I know, why did I skip the coffee????  Insanity.

I appreciated Sarah starting way in the back with me, but I felt guilty for holding her back.  I ran most of the way up Brady Street hill.  This was tougher than Bix at 6!  Grrr.  No coffee in my system and it was morning.  Oh well.  I gave Sarah permission to leave me in the dust, so I would not allow myself to feel guilty.

But I couldn’t let myself down.  I needed an hour 20 or less.  And we were on pace to do that.  Until the 140 FOOT DOWNHILL SLIP N SLIDE!

Sarah and I looked at each other when we saw it at the turnaround, and detoured to the cement steps.  10 or 15 minutes later, we were drenched and cool.  I also had a nice smearing of straw all over me, as I managed to plow into the homemade buffer at the end of the slide.

Sarah became famous with her money shot on the Quad City Times website.

Perhaps the slip n slide relaxed me too much, perhaps the lack of coffee was screaming out inside of me, perhaps I was making excuses.  The second half of the race went a lot slower than the first half, and we crossed the line at about an hour 45.  The look of horror on Sarah’s face said it all.  That was SLOW.

But you know what?  It was the best Bix ever for both of us!  Quality sister time is priceless.

After sampling the vast array of snacks at the end of the race, we went to the mostly deserted farmers’ market.  Then Sarah and I parted ways.  I cleaned my apartment and attempted to nap.  Then I rallied to go out downtown that night.  Oh, Sunday was a tad bit painful.

I received one final Bix memory as I climbed into my car later Sunday morning.  The passenger door was ajar, and what little stuff I had in my center console was strewn about.  No important documents were stolen from my glove box, and I had left nothing of value in my seats or on the floor.  But the mischievous thief took two lighters – remnants of nights out back in the day when a friend or two would bring along smokey treats (the legal kind).  I’m hoping the thief found cigarettes to go with those lighters.

I pity the thief.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t have the awesome Bix experience I had.


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