Fridays with G and L: You Have Your Hands Full!

This post is dedicated to my sister Sarah, the best mom I know………

I took G and L to lunch at the Walcott Arby’s.  Twice on our way to our table I heard, “Wow, you have your hands full!”

Rage welled up in me.  Did I look that flustered?  Because I didn’t feel flustered at all.  And the kids were being angels.  Gabriel was walking just ahead of me, listening to me and looking for a table next to the window so he could watch the trucks.  Lucy was as content as could be in her carrier.  And Aunt Mel was balancing the tray of food beautifully.

I wasn’t whining; I wasn’t yelling.  G and L were behaving better than some of the adults eating their lunches.  Just saying.

Despite everything going super smoothly in my view, others must have thought it was too much work for one person to do.  Or maybe they thought I should figure out the birth control thing.  I felt judged, and these weren’t even my own kids.

And what is the point of saying something like that anyway?  It’s kind of like people saying to me, “You need to settle down and have a family.”  All that I want to do is give them a knuckle sandwich.

I made no comments to the people in Arby’s but instead enjoyed lunch with G and L.  As they looked on I thought, “Yes, they are super cute.  And well behaved.  I know you are jealous.”

After Arby’s we hopped across the street to the I-80 Kitchen building, where we stopped to see Alexis and get some treats from Caribou: a peach smoothie for G and a latte for me.

G loved his smoothie and drank nearly the entire thing. When I asked if I could have a sip, he said, "No, no. Mine!"


We had a brief toddler moment while waiting for our drinks.  G insisted on pulling every Ertyl toy off the rack to line them up in the middle of the gift shop floor.  I let him do it once, with about five tractors, etc.  Then it was time to put everything back.

And wouldn’t you know, on our way to our table, I heard it again, “You have your hands full!”  Deep breaths.

Yes, my hands are full, but so is my heart.


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