Fridays with G and L: Smiles and Laughter

I look forward to Fridays with G and L as a welcomed break from the adult world.  With so many irons in the fire at the moment, I feel like I can never catch up.  Then, with one smile or a giggle from G or L, I am brought back to reality.  Life is so much more than my to do list.

L loves to smile.  Sometimes she makes you really work for it, twisting your face into all possible positions.  Make a little beep on her nose, and she will usually coo or giggle.  L also loves it when you comb her hair and tell her she is pretty.

G is all smiles, all of the time – unless he is momentarily disappointed in your answer to what he wants.  Examples: no Elmo, no cookies, no torturing his sister.

G is very creative with his toys, and when he creates or destructs something he is proud of, he smiles and lets out a little “ha ha ha” giggle.  He does this with Play-doh creations, as well as when he tears the roof off of his Little Tikes play house outside.

The second biggest giggles came last week when we chased each other around with a spray bottle outside.  G chased me for a while, and then would hand the bottle to me and run away, squealing with delight.  We supplemented the chasing with some “boing” time on the mini trampoline in the yard.  Aunt Mel had a great cardio workout!

Talking Tom made G laugh hysterically.  I upgraded to Talking Tom 2, which includes a dog whom G has named Ry Ry.  Anyone with a toddler needs to download this app.  It’s especially convenient when you need a child to sit still for a few minutes between activities.

I can’t wait until G and L play and laugh together.  That is when the real fun will begin.  For now, L will continue to look on while her brother does interesting things.


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