The Nuisance Known as the Common Cold

Driving home from Bennett on Friday, I felt a scratch in my throat.  Ugh.  A cold was coming.

I woke up bright – no, dark – and early for the Straw Poll on Saturday.  I felt worse, but gave myself a pep talk.  If I didn’t think about it, the cold would cease to exist.

That worked, for the most part.  I felt a little off for most of the day but refused to acknowledge it.

And then all broke loose during the bus ride home: sneezing, coughing, blowing my nose constantly.  I don’t have time to be sick!

Lathered on the Vicks that night and the following night, with a busy day in between.  Exhausted during the whole time, but no time to lie around.

Why should I let a cold stop me?  Our days are full of lots of nuisances: bad drivers, plans that get sidetracked, unreasonable people, and the list goes on.  Do I let those things derail me?  Of course not!

So why do colds get me all in a tizzy?  I know why.  It’s visibly noticeable.  Or audibly noticeable.  I can hide most other frustrations.  My red and pealing nose and gravelly voice give it away.  And then I feel exposed and vulnerable.

And then it lingers.  I eventually have to feed it and sleep it off, which takes precious time away from the things I actually want to do.

Wine doesn’t even taste good.  The horror!

Life will resume as usual soon enough.  It’s just one more nuisance.


4 thoughts on “The Nuisance Known as the Common Cold

  1. Mel, Mel, Mel: University of Wisconsin and Kentucky have extensive research proving what the Hindus have known and practiced for 2000 years. Nasal irrigation (neti pots) prevent colds/allergies and also stop the symptoms within 20 minutes from using. For further info google info. You are too busy to be sick; and I would never steer you wrong. U of Kentucky recommends you do this at bedtime just like brushing your teeth, to flush out all allergens and viruses and bacterial exposures during your day so you don’t allow it into your body to make you sick. Also at the sign of a scratchy throat, gargle with one part hydrogen peroxide and one part water. Love you, Mother Grubbs

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