Fridays with G and L: G’s Observations

G was eating breakfast on Friday and kept looking for “Ry-Ry” under the table.  G missed her, but Ryder was outside airing out from visiting a neighboring hog lot earlier that morning.

I decided to bring something from Aunt Mel’s this time.  I had G peak into my bag, where he found the Cars movie.  G pulled the DVD of my bag, gave a loud “vroom!”, and launched into his hop/skip toward the DVD player.

Since the beginning of my Bix training a couple months ago, G has made a habit of checking on my owies on the back of my feet.  They are getting smaller, to G’s delight.

I was updating the Scott County Republicans’ Facebook and Twitter sites while we were watching Cars (L, still sleeping), and G likes to peak over at my netbook.  He pointed to the Google Chrome icon: “ball!”  I guess it does look like a ball.

G has found 101 ways to be entertained with vacuum cleaner attachments.  Did you know they can be used as a microphone, pounding tool, floor scrubber, building toy, and so much more?

Then G wanted to say hi to Talking Tom on my iPhone.  Once they chatted for a while, G put Tom in the back of his toy 4×4 truck and drove him around the house.

G assisted with L’s feeding and burping.  He even fetched a bottle when hers was getting low.

Outside, G turns his head toward the highway with every loud truck noise, waits for it to be in sight, and then waves and yells hi.

G noticed the plants and flowers outside were dry.  So we watered them.  And we filled up a spray bottle and washed Aunt Mel’s car, amongst spraying other things.

G gave a kiss to Lucy, and then also kissed his semi (cab AND trailer) before nap time.

Aunt Mel observed L in her big girl baby bed and realized she is growing like a weed.

Aunt Mel also got L to laugh!

L watching G closely while he takes her picture

L continues to watch her brother closely.  Oh, the things he is teaching her!


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