Downtown Davenport Adventures: 5am Wake Up Call

It recently occurred to me to begin some downtown entries as a weekly part of my blog.

Even though Davenport is not a huge metropolis, I am always experiencing something new.  Case in point: crazy guy with fire sprinkler/alarm issues on Sunday, July 10, at 5:00 a.m.

I awoke to an intermittent buzzing sound, looked out my apartment peep hole, and discovered the fire alarm lights in the hallway were flashing.  I threw on some clothes and debated whether to drag out the carrier for Jag.  No, I’d have the firefighters rescue him if necessary.  I figured this was either a small contained fire or someone pulling a prank.

It took me a few minutes to find the staircase, since I always use the elevator.  Six flights down.

As I stood outside on the street, I was reminded of my days in the Kresge dorm at Simpson College.  We had a run of about six weeks when the fire alarm was a weekly part of our routine, thanks to drunk guys pulling alarms.  Funny how history seems to repeat itself.

But then as I saw fire truck number three pull up, I began to have doubts.  Maybe this was the real deal.  Then no one was running, and we weren’t herded to the opposite side of the street, so I knew it had to be under control.

The firefighters let us back in after about 20 minutes (who knows how long the alarm went off before I realized it and made my way out of the building), and while I was curious what happened, I didn’t stop to ask them.  Enough people were asking questions, and I overheard a sprinkler issue discussion.  Besides, I wanted to go back to bed and knew I’d hear all about it later. Climbed up six flights of stairs.  Tired.

A neighbor told me the entire story later that afternoon.  A crazy 40-something guy on the third floor thought the fire sprinklers in his room and alarms in the hallway were videotaping him, speaking to him, etc.  So, he decided to bust them up.  Nice.

All part of living downtown.


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