Fridays with G and L: The Great Outdoors

This week G and L were both up and at ’em by the time I arrived in Bennett at 6:30 a.m.  Thank God for Starbucks!

I brought along Sarah and G’s Bix packets, but G was more interested in opening up the hair bands I brought for Lucy.  He thought they were candy, A.K.A. “bumballs”.  I wouldn’t let him open the package and thus received the saddest face ever.  G has perfected his puppy dog face during the past week or so: droopy eyes, cute semi-frown, dropped shoulders.  Then I re-direct him to something fun, and with a little hop of his legs, he’s perked back up again.

One of G’s favorite movies is Monsters, Inc., which I happen to love too.  We popped that in, and G was totally into it.  He also wanted to snuggle with Lucy on the couch.

Then we tried our first ever self photo with the three of us.

Then we went outside, and that’s where the real fun began.  The sandbox was a wet mess, creating a sand paste that G loved.  Once dirty enough to continue with other tasks, G watered his mom’s plants around the outside of the house.

The best part of this task for G is running the garden hose.  He takes every opportunity possible to turn on the water: filling Ryder’s water dish, washing his riding toys, filling the pool, you name it.

And yes, he is wearing his standard orange trunks.  I have declared these G’s outdoor uniform, as we inevitably have to strip off whatever he wears outside once we go back inside.  We have a normal outfit for him, and then the outdoor trunks.

G decided to dig in a small area of dirt beside the garage.  Notice the war paint (sand paste) he has marked himself with.

G also loves gloves, and snags Sarah’s gardening gloves to put on while shoveling.

After cleaning up, eating lunch, and napping, it was time to get ready to go to Davenport for G’s first Jr. Bix!  G didn’t freak out, but he did have his daddy carry him part of the way.

G did run across the finish line himself, but by then he was out of my camera range.  When G received his medal, he decided to give it to his mommy.

The grand finale of the evening was dinner at Happy Joe’s.  In G’s words:



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