Fridays with G and L: Truckers’ Jamboree

Round 3 of Fridays with G AND L began with a thump from G’s bedroom.  I ran upstairs to find G chilling in his bed, with the protective rail knocked to the ground.  I guess we need to protect the rail from G, and not the other way around.  G is very proud of his new big boy bed.

As we walked past Lucy in her bed, we had to peak in on her, per G.  She was sleeping, and as much as G wanted to wake “ssss” (that’s his name for Lucy/sister) up, we managed to let her sleep.

G went straight to the pepperoni in the fridge for breakfast.  While I did get him to eat a granola bar and other more appropriate foods, I did let him sneak just a few pepperoni slices.  And we also had to go through the table versus couch negotiations.  G would love to eat every meal from the couch, but I have to make him eat at the table.

This past Friday we ventured out of Bennett to Walcott – for the mighty annual Truckers’ Jamboree.  G helped me clean out Smurfette and install his carseat before Lucy woke up.  I even taught him how to shine up the dashboard with an Armorall wipe.  He loved it.

The Truckers’ Jamboree was a lot of fun.  Lucy slept, and G started getting excited the moment we pulled into the parking lot.  We rode a shuttle bus from the lot to the jamboree, and G loved it.  He started grunting as soon as the bus was in sight.  And I am so proud of him going up and down the steps like a big boy – using the railing and knowing I was right behind him – while I was hauling Lucy and the folded up stroller.  There’s never enough room to carry a folded up stroller and a child into a bus.

It was nearly impossible to get any good photos of G and the trucks since he was constantly running from one thing to the next.  Even when he was sitting in a real race car, he couldn’t help but point at the big semi across the way.

After a full hour of semi touring, checking out the booths, and jumping in the fun house, we went indoors to cool off and grab some Wendy’s.

As G would say, "Boin!"

I was pretty proud of myself.  I didn’t have any mishaps with the kiddos at this super hot and crowded event.

But then we got on the bus to go back to the parking lot.  And the bus broke down.  So we unloaded everything and hopped onto a new one.  In the meantime, Lucy woke up and was hungry.  OK, I was done with the adventures now.

The Bus Won't Go!

G didn’t even whine when we arrived back in Bennett and  it was nap time.  We did have a brief discussion about having to sit in a car seat in Aunt Mel’s car after being free from that on the shuttle bus.  As soon as I mentioned cops, G hopped into his car seat.  Smart boy!

After Sarah arrived home, we ate some delicious Pride of the Wapsi sweet corn.  G helped me shuck and didn’t even wait to cook it before taking a bite.  (It really is THAT good.)

What a day!  And now, for my favorite photos…..



Yep, that’s a tape measure!  It can measure anything.  🙂


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